Introducing Skullbox Password Cracking

Skullbox is a cloud based password cracking solution geared towards the individual, business and government entity. The initial release includes dictionary attacks supporting 300+ popular dictionary files as well as 100+ permutation configurations. Skullbox's password cracking environment provides results that scale to meet the demand of multiple use cases.

The technology Skullbox has developed allows us to utilize GPU and HPC resources at a continued significant discount through cloud providers worldwide, passing the savings on to you. With support for over 56 GPUs across multiple regions throughout the world, we can ensure your cracking jobs run efficiently to completion. This ensures our ability to provide the lowest cost resources at all times, costing pennies on the dollar.


Tensor Cores


Graphic Cores



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Features at a Glance


Each cracking job provides complete automation of cluster management.


Cost reduction through execution of financially effective resources.


Cracking results, jobs and resources are completely isolated to your account.


Clusters scale to over 8 GPUs with up to four cracking jobs at once.

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Discount cloud based high performace password auditing facilities fully automated to pass the savings on to you!

  • Multiple algorithms supported
  • Completely automated environments
  • 350+ popular wordlist files

  • Configurable HPC cluster size
  • Graphic Processing Units
  • Over 100 permutation configurations
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Skullbox's pricing model is transparent and based on the following factors:

  • Cloud provider expenses drive the base operating costs.

  • Keyspace to be addressed.

  • Number of hashes to be audited.

  • Wordlist size directly affects runtimes and cost.

  • Permutations apply to computation performance.

  • Run times overall contribute to cloud provider expenses.

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We currently deploy Nvidia Tesla T4 GPUs. This provides you and us with the most cost effective HPC resources while maintaining an acceptable level of hash computation power.

We keep operating costs low by continuously monitoring cloud providers for price changes in HPC resources. This inculdes components such as CPU, Memory, Disk, GPUs, and Bandwidth. By ensuring the lowest operating costs we are able to pass the savings on to you.

The cost of available resources to us (operating costs) directly impacts our cost to you. While this does allow us to provide password auditing at an extremely discounted rate, our realtime models do fluxuate based on our cloud provider's cost to us.